Pankhurst Parties

Pankhurst Parties

Because a woman's place is in the House of Commons... and Council Chamber... and Assembly...

Welcome to the Pankhurst Parties

When Emmeline Pankhurst died in 1928 the Pankhurst family gave a legacy to the CWO to lay a wreath in her honour in each year celebrating her life on her birthday, 15th of July.

This year we want to share this honour with all women across the UK so come and join us and let's give Mrs Pankhurst a real birthday to remember.


To celebrate the centenary of women getting the vote (partially!), the Pankhurst Party Organisers want as many women as possible to hold a non-political Pankhurst Party to look to the future and encourage more women - at any age - to stand for public office. We won the vote 100 years ago but still 63% of all MPs are male.


On Sunday 15th July, Emmeline Pankhurst's birthday. We thought it a perfect day for your rally or bring-your-own-tea party. And hopefully the great British weather will be kind to us. From Cornwall to Carlisle, Inverness to Ipswich, do join in.


We want local women to lay a wreath; hold a march; dress as a suffragette; host a tea party; find inspiring speakers and encourage other women to stand... whatever you do, celebrate how far women have come but how far we still have to go. It's time for women to celebrate across the country.


In this centenary of women's (limited) suffrage, we need more women like you and your friends to stand for public life as councillors, school governors, MPs, Assembly Members, Mayors, Police & Crime Commissioners, MSPs and Magistrates.

You must know at least one woman who would be brilliant at one of those roles, so why don't you #AskHerToStand?

The #AskHerToStand campaign was started by 50:50 Parliament and has spread far and wide across the political divides. We all want more women in public life. Our gender is greater than our politics.

Click here to send a virtual CWO postcard and send as many as you like to women you know who will make a great MP, councillor etc.

You can also find out more about standing for public office on these other sites: