A Woman's Place is in the House of CommonsWhen Emmeline Pankhurst died in 1928, the Pankhurst family gave a legacy to the CWO to lay a wreath in her honour in each year celebrating her life on her birthday, 15th of July. The legacy has long-since run out, but the CWO continue the tradition every year.

This year we want to share this honour with all women across the UK so come and join us and lets give Mrs Pankhurst a real birthday to remember.

The CWO was founded in 1919 in response to women starting to get the vote 100 years ago, and with the aim of getting more women into public life. Today - and with the same aim - it is one of the oldest women's political group in the world.

Despite the hard work of the amazing suffragettes and suffragists, female political representation remains a stubborn problem. 67% of all MPs are still male and at local government it's worse: Despite Theresa May being our second woman Prime Minster, there are very few female leaders across local government in any party. We need more role models for women to enter public life from school governors to Councillors, MPs, SMPs, AMs or any other public role.

What does a modern suffragette look like? YOU!

Women MPs 2018

Women MPs in the House of Commons, 2015

We need a new set of modern suffragettes who don't just vote, but encourage women to stand up in public life. Have you ever considered standing? Did you know that women wait to be asked while men put themselves forward, so the CWO is asking you!

Click here to find out more, or you can find out more about standing for public office on these other sites:

March4Women 2018